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The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a four-year degree program consisting of general education and professional courses. It includes an internship program that involves assigning students to different – accredited affiliation centers that cater to various patient/ client populations for a minimum of 1500 hours. The student during training must have exposure to a variety of opportunities that will prepare them for the different roles upon graduation.

The BSPT program aims to produce physical therapists who are competent to fulfill professional responsibilities in the following areas: ( a) patient/ client care in various settings for different populations, (b)education of individuals and groups, (c) administration and management of physical therapy programs, institution and facilities, including private practice and delivery of home health care services, (d) lifelong learning for the development of the professional, (e) health promotion, (f) advocacy for the advancement of the profession, (g) community service and development , and ( h) research.


CPRT seeks to be recognized as an important educational gateway for advance physical therapy and respiratory therapy education imbued with quality practice, Christian values, and leadership skills.


The mission of CPRT is to serve as a competent resource for the promotion of compassionate, caring, and prime physical therapy and respiratory therapy education and practice.


The CPRT accepts its essential role in enhancing relevant and responsive education in the field of physical and respiratory therapy believing that this will ensue into a competent and knowledgeable individual imbued with Christian values.


1. To produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills for the care of the individuals especially those that are afflicted with physical and pulmonary conditions

2. To develop graduates with caring attitudes and Christian values in affirming their commitment of service to the community and country.

3. To produce graduates who apply their knowledge and skills in the advancement of their profession through research, continuing education and clinical practice.

4. To promote awareness of the community of health care services provided by physical and respiratory therapists in the promotion of their well-being.5. To produce graduates who would be competitive globally.

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Bernard T. Tayaban Jr., RPT, MDS
Dean, College of Physical & Respiratory Therapy

Welcome to the College of Physical and Respiratory Therapy (CPRT)!

I would like to thank you for visiting us on this website. It is a pleasure to present to you the three remarkable programs that we offer in our college.

The environmental crisis that we are experiencing has highlighted the need for dedicated and outstanding healthcare professionals who will work in the different healthcare facilities. And we are proud to say that Lorma Colleges - College of Physical and Respiratory Therapy has produced and continues to produce outstanding physical therapists and respiratory therapists who are working and will be working in health facilities not only in the region but in other parts of the globe.  Many international students have graduated, passed their eligibility requirements and are now working in their home countries.  There is an extremely high employment rate especially for a physical therapist and or as a respiratory therapist.


A new program to add to these excellent health professions in the college is the Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences Major in Fitness and Sports Management (BSESS-FSM) which is designed to prepare students for careers in the areas of fitness and sports coaching and management.  The program is geared towards exploring the science of physical activity to help athletes become better athletes, help those injured to safely return to activity, to research new approaches to exercise and physical activity, and how to manage sports facilities and related activities.

For incoming freshmen and other students who want to explore these fields of health-related programs, I am inviting you to enroll in Lorma Colleges under one of these programs. I can say that Lorma Colleges – College of Physical and Respiratory Therapy is one of the best places for you to start your pursuit of a health-related professional degree in the Philippines.


**DISCLAIMER: Tuition and Fees above can be used as a reference. Tuition and Fees may vary depending on number of units enrolled and may be subject to final assessment through the system.

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