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Lorma Colleges, College of Nursing offers a four-year baccalaureate program leading to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N).

This is the study of Biological and Physical Sciences, the Social Sciences, the Humanities, and other Liberal Arts courses. It focuses on nursing foundations, theories, and Related Learning Experiences that prepare a student to become a caring, committed, and competent professional nurse.

The program provides a strong foundation to strengthen the professional nurse’s pursuit for excellence in nursing leadership, in nursing education, nursing practice and nursing research.


We envision Lorma Colleges, College of Nursing to be a model of nursing education emphasizing quality, Christian values, and leadership skills locally responsive and relevant for global competitiveness.


Lorma College of Nursing affirms its role in empowering the students to become competent and compassionate professionals through relevant, innovative, challenging and effective curriculum and instruction, research orientation and caring environment through community services.


Nursing as an important component of the health system is responsive to the needs of the community. The College of Nursing subscribes to the vision with emphasis on quality of care, leadership skills, and Christian values by incorporating holism in the care of the client/patient in various settings towards professional nursing practice and a Christian quality of life.


1.      To train and produce nursing leaders for various fields, and  positions  in the hospitals, communities and other health agencies that can work

         cooperatively with the health team in mobilizing and assisting the individuals, families and communities to become self-reliant.

2.      To provide opportunities for the development of research attitude in Nurses for continued improvement of professional competence by undertaking            studies on Nursing Education and Practice, Management and Community Health. Further, to encourage dissemination and utilization of the research


3.      To establish and sustain linkage with the Alumni as our partners for personal and professional growth as well as for community development.

4.      To encourage social consciousness and greater awareness of the socio-economic situation of the community through active involvement in           

          community affairs.

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Marites C. Pagdilao, RN, MAN, MPA
Dean, College of Nursing

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”

(John F. Kennedy)


Nursing is a highly specialized profession that is continuously advancing to address the needs of the society. We know for the fact that Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health which in turn contributes to the welfare of the public.


Alongside this, Lorma College of Nursing aspires to develop the greatest abilities of individuals as it affirms its role in empowering the students to become competent and compassionate professionals.


The College of Nursing has been passionate over the years in the provision of rigorous core learning to develop the complex skills of individuals to become productive members of the health care team. It is along this line that the College of Nursing assures the rich and adequate provision of MMDA or Materials, Manpower, Developments, and Achievements to attain what it desires.


M-ATERIALS or facilities – The College of Nursing has a tertiary level base hospital, the Lorma Medical Center equipped with high-tech facilities and internationally recognized for excellence in total health care and continuous innovations with the highest level of satisfaction for all.

The Nursing Building has 2 Nursing Skills laboratories for the enhancement of skills. The third one is being set on the third floor of the Library building which is intended for HyFlex learning.

M-ANPOWER - College of Nursing has a pool of well-qualified faculty. Clinical Instructors are master's degree holders in nursing, some are doctorate degree holders and others are towards the completion of their doctorate in nursing.


D-EVELOPMENTS – online examination is administered since 2015, standardized comprehensive examination together with an Objective Structured Evaluation is administered at the end of the semester, and learning portfolios are utilized to assess the competencies of student nurses.


The advent of the pandemic has modified the usual face-to-face activities; hence LOLS or LORMA College of Nursing ONLINE LEARNING SYSTEM was developed with all instructions delivered online. To include the administration of Virtual Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE).


A-CHIEVEMENTS – for the past 50 years, the College of Nursing has produced more or less12,000 graduates and 28 of them are topnotchers in the board examination. Eighty-three-point five percent (83.5%) of those whom we traced through the Graduates Tracer Study are employed in various hospitals around the world, many are assuming high positions and earning rewarding salaries. It is with pride that out of 400+ Colleges of Nursing in the Philippines, only 7 so far, are Level 4 accredited and Lorma Colleges is one of them. College of Nursing faculty and students presented their research internationally and won prizes.


The mentioned conditions can translate Nursing Education in Lorma Colleges as the means of developing the greatest abilities of students to become beneficial to everyone and greater strength for our nation.


**DISCLAIMER: Tuition and Fees above can be used as a reference. Tuition and Fees may vary depending on the number of units enrolled and may be subject to final assessment through the system.

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