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Graduates of this program shall be conferred with the degree Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.S.Pharm). The degree is equivalent to Level 6 of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) (Article V Section 11) (Annex 1). It is the primary educational qualification for the Pharmacists’ Licensure Examination in the Philippines.

Nature of the Field of Study
The outcome-based program is a 4-year course that offers general education courses which have relevant applications in the Pharmacy profession, and professional courses, that will prepare the graduates in acquiring competencies necessary in the workplace. Foundation courses in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy biological sciences, pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical administrative courses and the life sciences will enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude, and their understanding of the Pharmacy practice and its applications in different practice sites.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Download not available) - To be updated


The College of Pharmacy envisions being to be the training center for future Pharmacists equipped with the knowledge, competency, and skills to be competitive worldwide in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.


The College of Pharmacy is committed to preparing the students with the knowledge, competency, and skills to be Christian – inspired, quality driven and service-oriented professionals in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.


1. To develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies of students as future professionals in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.


2. To provide experience in integrating and applying pharmaceutical, biomedical, and clinical knowledge, skills, and competencies to the different areas of pharmacy.


3. To train the students in conducting research using available resources which are significant to the community and around the world.


4. To inculcate values and beliefs as Christians in the practice of the pharmacy profession.

Ellen Mae P. Abiqui, MSPharm
Dean, College of Pharmacy

As an educational institution, we have been entrusted, not only to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and training to become licensure exam and industry – ready in the delivery of exemplary pharmaceutical care and services but also to provide a pathway for their brighter future. It is with this trust and confidence, one that we highly regard, coupled with our commitment as a department, that we remain inspired and steadfast in achieving our vision, mission and objectives.


We are devoted to bringing the department to new heights, in terms of services to and for our products: the global Lormanian Pharmacists.  


To all our students, you are in great hands. All you need to do is give your best and trust the process.  


Welcome to the College of Pharmacy!


**DISCLAIMER: Tuition and Fees above can be used as a reference. Tuition and Fees may vary depending on number of units enrolled and may be subject to final assessment through the system.

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