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Lorma Colleges welcomes freshmen and transferees

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

San Juan, La Union – After almost two years of distance learning, the Lorma Colleges

welcomed its students for another school year with advanced teaching innovations to adapt to

the new normal.

The Lorma Colleges formally welcomed 817 freshmen and transfer students in the Welcome

Fest 2022 held at Lorma Colleges, San Juan Campus last September 21, 2022. The day was

filled with activities for the students, leadership team, and support services staff to enjoy.

The welcome event jump-started with the Zumba dance exercise to help energize the

participants after registration. The Coordinator of the Students Affairs Office, Ma’am Joyce

Soriano, spearheaded the event and opened the meet-and-greet opportunity between the

students and the members of the Leadersh

ip Team and Support Services Staff.

Soon after, the Director for Students Services, Mr. Evergisto C. Garcia Jr., formally welcomed

the students for a new year of learning. He quoted Zig Ziglar’s “3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances,

Changes. You must make a choice to take a chanc

e, or your life will never change,” and

emphasized its importance not only in surviving their chosen career and professional path, but

also living their life in general.

The Guidance and Counseling office also joined the event by hosting socialization games that

aimed to create interaction with the Lorma family. They prepared activities focused on

strengthening the bond between the students, the faculty, and the support services team as


To keep the fun going, some alumni and current students showcased their talents in an

intermission number. The crowd also enjoyed the performance of two La Union local bands,

Purple Hail and Boys Over North, as they sang hit song covers. The school’s academic and

social clubs also displayed their booths at the Center for Innovation and Learning Library to

attract new members for the school year.

A wide variety of food and beverages were made available by local concessionaires that Lorma

Colleges invited for the event. The faculty, staff, and students had a great time sampling the

different dishes served during the event.

The event concluded at around noon; the students gathered for photo opportunities to serve as

their souvenirs for the first day, as students, on the Lorma Colleges campus. Everyone was in

high spirits and looking forward to a dynamic, fruitful, and successful new school year.

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