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Founded in 1970

by  its first director Dr. Rufino L. Macagba Jr., the school was initially established to fill the need for a nursing school in support of the fast expanding then Lorma Hospital (now Lorma Medical Center).

He pushed forth this vision and endeavor through the  encouragement of the LORMA founders who were both doctor-educators  Dr. Rufino N. Macagba Sr. and Dra. Crispina Lorenzana-Macagba.

Aptly named Lorma to refer to the first syllable of the founder’s surname LORenzana and MAcagba, the school grew from a small nursing school to a higher education recognized as the region’s best-performing school. With a solid record of recognitions received for its exemplary performance in the Board Examinations in paramedical courses including Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Physical Therapy from 1989 to the present, LORMA continues to produce the greatest number of board topnotchers in the region.

Lorma Colleges is the first ever institution in Region 1 to be recognized highly by CHED as a Center of Development for Excellence in Information Technology (CODE-IT).

Through the years, Lorma Colleges has received numerous accolades and recognition in its continuing effort to excel in healthcare, education, and community service.

At present, the school has a group of 8 colleges, a graduate school, an institute, and a basic education program (preschool, grade school, and high school) with over 4,000 students enrolled yearly.

Lorma Colleges offers a number of bachelor’s degree programs in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Accountancy, Business Management and Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Health Services Management, Psychology, Education, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Postgraduate studies in Nursing and Information Systems.  

LORMA Colleges has two campuses, the main one in Carlatan, City of San Fernando, which accommodates students taking the tertiary level programs, and the annex campus in Urbiztondo, San Juan, which provides basic education programs for students in pre-school, grade school, and high school.

LORMA Colleges has proven itself to be a vital institution in building competency, leadership, and Christian social concern among the region’s youth.

1970 - 1974           Dr. Rufino L. Macagba, Jr. (College Director)
1974 - 1976           Dr.  Juan V. Komiya (College Director)
1976 - 1977           Mr. Florent Sals (College Director)
1977 - 1978           Dr. Florence M. Tadiar (President)
1978 - 1979           Mr.  Jovencio J. Dumlao (College Director)


Listed are the Directors who are the "Pillars and Builders" of Lorma Colleges:

1979 - 1980           Dr. Florence M. Tadiar (President)

1980 - 1994           Rev. Salik C. Sinkiat (College Director)
1994 - 1998           Dr. Geoffrey S. Tilan (College Director)
1998 - 2018           Dr. Jose P. Mainggang (Executive Director)      
2018 -present        Dr. Pacita G. Apilado (Executive Director Higher Education)

2022- present        Elizabeth R. Camara (Director Basic Education)

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