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LORMA COLLEGES is the First in Ilocos Region to partner with the Coursera Campus Program

LORMA Colleges has collaborated with online provider Coursera to make world-class online learning content from top-tier international universities and companies available to LORMA Colleges undergraduate students. Through this partnership, learners will have access to more than 6,500 courses, guided projects, professional certificates, and skill sets to help them learn more in-demand skills and boost their employability.

This is LORMA College's innovation when it comes to learning and job readiness. By partnering with Coursera, students will benefit from this since they will have a mastery of sought-after skills and earn valuable certificates that are recognized by top employers both locally and abroad. Coursera has 82 million learners and has known brand partners worldwide.

This partnership provides LORMANIANS with high-quality and transformative learning opportunities across accessible platforms with unlimited access to courses, specializations, and certifications from hundreds of leading universities and companies that can be shared on online and offline professional profiles. Coursera offers LORMANIANS with the knowledge and skills that can give them the edge in professional practice, with wide-ranging topics from business, tourism, hospitality, economics, engineering, arts and sciences, health sciences, information technology, data analytics, and more.

Currently, the LORMA Colleges Coursera program is fully integrating Coursera courses in the students’ subjects as part of its academic requirements. Moreover, integrating it into the courses allows students not only to experience a World-Class LORMA Colleges Education but as well as learn from experts and esteemed professors from top reputed international universities.

This Coursera Campus program is provided to bonafide students and faculty members of LORMA Colleges. Instructors also benefit from Coursera, as it provide upskilling opportunities, increases their knowledge, and enhances expertise allowing them to learn new teaching strategies in the effective delivery of their courses. LORMANIANS are now getting access to unlimited learning.

Earn certificates from 190+ of the world’s leading universities and companies.

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